Wednesday, March 17, 2010

blue steel on a bus

Or is it Magnum?

This guy is everywhere. Just waiting to get on 40 and up rolls this gem. Amazing.

Coincidentally, anyone heard that a Zoolander sequel is in the works? I bet it will be really really really ridiculously good...looking.


B said...

Have any of you seen his commercial with the dogs. It is really really ridiculously...ridiculous.

ck said...

No, but now I want to see it very badly.

RL said...

LOL! I saw that guy in a parking garage the other day!! came out of the elevator and there's billboard guy! I laugh everytime I see him & his plethora of colored backgrounds. hehehe (p.s. LOOOVE zoolander, kinda sad about a sequel though).

Wax S. said...

Saw this bus yesterday and thought about you guys. You know I need my periodic Blue Steel update.

Sometimes I think he needs a good Little Knoxvillian sitdown interview, but then again, it may be that he's better as a myth than as a man.

micah daniel said...

That dog commercial is perhaps the most frightening and intense thing on television. Turns out Burroughs has a lot of tricks up his well tailored sleeves.

Unknown said...

some of his billboards around town are die-cut, so that his head is taller than the rest of the billboard. i like it when little birds are sitting on top of his head.

Back2Pennyrile said...

Miy wife is ready to kill him and me. I sat on a jury several years ago, on a case he was the defense counsel on, so everytime we pass one of the billboards, or see a commercial, I make a point to say, "Did I ever tell you about the time I was on jury duty?" She has threatened to tear down one of the many many billboards and stick up mine and his...well you know.

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