Monday, January 05, 2009

help us

As our avid fans (which I call "wigsters" in my mind) may have noticed, the Wigshop has been running on fumes lately. It not that Knoxville has nothing to write about (because it doesn't) but that somehow between the eight of us we can't seem to find anything to write about. But don't worry, Wigsters! The Wigshop will continue to document urban life in Knoxville (becoming less and less of an oxymoron) in 2009. We were just getting started in 2008! Now that we've become the blogging powerhouse of Knox Vegas, it's time to start really blowing the lid off this town with stories like:

True Confessions of a Market Square Hotdog Cart

Word Grotto: Not Just for Hippies?

The Glamorous Life of a Marie's Olde Towne Tavern Barfly

Drinking on Patios: Official Sport of Knoxville in Spring 2009

"Tear Them Buildings Down": Bringing Desperately Needed Parking Lots to Downtown

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Seriously, help us. What would you like to see this year? We know there's lots of interesting stuff going on, so help us out and leave a comment. As the USS Wigshop steams ahead, we look forward to continuing the dialogue that's developed at this little blog about life in Knoxville.




stan said...

i want to know about the seedy underbelly of downtown knoxville. particularly gay street's. make it happen.

Nick said...

Silly Stan. The Christian League had the Seedy Underbelly shut down. It's now called "Swallows".

blueeyedtawni said...

one thing im excited about is at the KMA - Josh Simpson: A Visionary Journey in Glass started Feb 6 will be shown ive saw a hint of his gorgeous work in the gift shop the other day :0)

Max Gambit said...

So is this an appeal for a publicity boost, or are you looking for guest post entries (I would be intrigued by the latter)?

Anonymous said...

We read your blog because it's YOUR BLOG. If I wanted to read about my own ideas about Knoxville...well, I wouldn't read them at all, I'd think them for myself and talk about them with friends over a beer in a bar with some music or on a deck with some warm humid Tennessee air and a good story to go with it. The wigshop has been a good blog so far, please try not to lame-out with "audience participation". Take a queue from Big B. Her posts are always insightful about what is really attractive about Knoxville. I mean attractive as in what really keeps us here, what really tears at our heartstrings and keeps us around for that next magical Knoxville moment...we've all had those defining Knoxville moments. Whether it's a foggy morning out at Ijams or a fanatic sports orgy at Neyland Stadium one fall afternoon or the random meeting of a Knoxvillian friend for the first time or the era when we first came to Knoxville and everything was new and scary and exciting all at the same time. Or maybe write about something that you feel is ruining the great treasures of the city...or something that is really making a great difference. It's hard not to fall in love with this town for some reason or another. If you know what I mean, write about it. Otherwise, call it a good run and give up the wigshop. Blogs are for fun. They're to read and say "yeah, exactly!" or "WTF? NO!" or to at least discuss, but they're not homework.

The Modern Gal said...

Well, OK then.

ck said...

bleueyedtawni: send us a link and maybe we'll write it up

max gambit: we're always looking for cheap publicity. and a guest blogging spot could be in the stars for you... provided you survive the wigshop hazing rituals.

anonymous: thanks for the short novel. despite yourself, you had some good suggestions in there. as for "lame-outs", we just thought we'd give everybody a chance to complain before we did what we were going to do anyway. hugs and kisses!

blueeyedtawni said...

HI there heres the link :)

Robert said...

Hi, I just got back in town from a month-long sojourn in many places Not Knoxville, and as I drove into town this ugly afternoon I was getting bummed about returning to this, my temporary home. However, after reading Anon's comment, I am inspired once again to see the great sides of this place.

Will you marry me?

Yours truly

Anonymous said...

Don't make me contribute - I enjoy reading your musings =) Keep it up in 09 - love this blog as is.

Anonymous said...

Give me more of what I have this bookmarked for: all the unique peculiars that make Knoxville stand out.

It doesn't matter to me if they're the restaurant reviews (all of which I read and most of which I try), the local flavors(last years post about the strawberry picking just outside of town is what really got me hooked on wigshop), or anything I've rarely heard of and never had the gall to experience (the rock quarry lake just off chapman).

You might also consider finding a writer just to cover Knox music...there's a ton of gigs that occur here and not enough are in the know. But just watch out for B and her desire to avoid becoming "" :-p

Above all, just keep the knoxcentric theme alive, and I'll continue to frequent these parts.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the second Anonymous, I like the Wigshop as it is.

Something that's been bugging me lately is the gentrification of Market Square and Gay Street. Maybe it's just the holiday season and the arrival of the ice rink, but there seems to be a lot of mature yuppies (35+ years old) diluting the unique vibes of downtown K-town. Might that be good material for youse guyse?

Or you could tackle the theater crisis: a lot of affordable live theater is either slowing down, going sour, or just giving up.

B said...

get ready. it's time for big b to ruffle some feathers in '09. and you can be assured, i won't be contributing very much to

i kinda felt warm and fuzzy reading anonymous's comment. made my day.

Mickey said...

More Weird Knoxville!

Anonymous said...

Lake People: Why It Never Gets Old.

Do you know people who go out on the lake every frikkin weekend in the summer? I do. You should see the pics: people get completely plastered and drive around half naked with lotsa Miller Lite and tortilla chips. It never seems to get old. It's a Knoxville phenomenon. I'd like to see other people's pics (maybe) ! =)