Thursday, January 15, 2009

keeping spirits high

As we move into the new year, recession/ depression in full swing, we hope you've been able to keep your morale up. It definitely takes a little more imagination to be thrifty or to keep business going. It's great to see people's creativity shine through this somewhat dreary time.

I was able to attend Snow Day last Friday night, the Beardsley Farm benefit at Barley's. With a little ingenuity and thought they were able to draw quite a crowd. It was really encouraging to see so many people come out to support the cause even when money's been a little tight. They sold soup donated by local restaurants, they had merchandise for sale, people played music, and all the proceeds from Fat Tire and Sweetwater 420 went to them. I heard they did pretty well in raising money (note to fundraiser coordinators: involve beer)

A slight tangent but on the same subject of Beardsley Farm, I heard a rumor that you could kill and butcher your own cow there. Is this true? The reasoning, I heard, is that if you eat meat, you should know how it got to your plate. As much as I like the distance between the living cow and my hamburger, I somewhat agree with this notion. Field trip, anyone?

Anyway, if you're still feeling a little anxious about the times, here's a little something for you, inspired by Max and because I have too much free time. I'd like to specifically dedicate it to two of my faves, Mr. Discordia and Mr. Anonymous. XOXO.


ck said...

nice! i'm catching it!

i wish i had gone to the snow day thing- i didn't hear about it until after the fact. hopefully they'll do it again 'cause that's a cause i'd like to support.

The Pol said...

Please see my post on Forks of the River in reference to delicious animals in your belly.

Also, I love that poster/ logo/ t-shirt design idea... oops did i let that cat out of the bag.

The Modern Gal said...

I feel the love. I was totally going to suggest a T-shirt for this, but I guess you beat me to it.

stan said...

i want in.

Beardsley Community Farm said...

Hey Wigshop,

Ben from Beardsley here. Sadly, we don't have any cows on the farm... yet. We're looking into a miniature breed that would work well for our small space.
Thanks for coming to SnowDay. It was a huge success.

Until our mini bovine arrive, we have chickens and bees at Beardsley. We harvest eggs and honey.

Don't know how the cow rumor got started but it meshes with our mission: putting healthy food and its production back into the hands of Knoxvillians. If we did have a cow, we'd eventually eat it and invite you to do the same.
Check out our (very modest) blog for more info on beardsley.

B said...

thank you for dispelling the rumor. let us know if you ever get a cow. we'll do a post. i'd love to visit the farm, nonetheless. hopefully soon.