Thursday, January 08, 2009

It's time to light the lights

(Please someone tell me they know where I got that title from)

So, one of the things that I think makes Gay Street so cool is the beautiful Tennessee Theatre marquee. I remember being blown away when the Theatre reopened a few years back, and the sign was so twinkly and beautiful. And now with the movie theater marquee nearby, it really makes you feel like you're thrown back nearly a century to the city's entertainment district.

Not to be outdone, the Bijou Theatre is constructing a new marquee sign for its upcoming 100th anniversary celebration. The theatre is trying to raise funds for a new sign with 488 LED bulb clusters. This is where you can help. Buy a bulb for the sign for only $25, and you can play your own role in the beautiful bright lights of Gay Street. Your donation is tax-deductable, and the deadline is Jan. 28. You can also make a donation at the Bijou box office.


Anonymous said...

THE MUPPETS!! time to light the lights, and the nostalgia just keeps coming to downtown - being a native of Indiana a small rural city Knoxville has become home.

Anonymous said...

If you like wdvx and the bijou, don't forget to see Tennessee Shines on the 28th too!

ck said...

wouldn't the bijou be a good place to do a live reenactment of the muppet show? they were in an old theater like that.

The Modern Gal said...

YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Someone needs to get on that right now.

Mickey said...

Of course it's the Muppets.

I hate to be the jerk here, but aren't there better ways to spend $25? Like for a ticket to get into an actual show at the Bijou?

max said...

dude. i'd spend $25 to light up the bijou if i could. (i'm just a poor lowly intern)

and come on anonymous people... if it's a positive comment you have no reason to be anonymous. srsly.

Unknown said...

Ceremonies like this are kind of cheesy, yes, but it's history being made to replace the sign and marquee at the Bijou! I've been visiting the Bijou for almost my entire life, and I'm so excited that you'll be able to look south down Gay Street and see a big bright BIJOU sign. If you're free on the 28th circa 5:30 p.m. come on down. There will be free cake! Take pictures and post them online.

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