Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Maplehurst

Here are some more photos from inside one of the Maplehurst apartments. My friend said that they had to move out because the bathroom was ridiculous.


The Modern Gal said...

That's inside??? Holy moly. That's way worse that I was imagining and definitely not safe.

Robert is absolutely right -- start documenting EVERYTHING. It will help if it ever comes to legal action. I think trying codes enforcement might be the best first step, although know that they might condemn the buildings.

Mickey said...

People live there? Jesus.

The Pol said...

Big b, these pictures come from the upper apartment in a home with a brick archway right.

my wife lived there for two year, they had mold problems in that bathroom... no i know why. there is not way to write up the problems with that place in a comment section (bee infestation, flooding during rain, no heat, faulty wiring etc)

it does break the heart to see it in that shape though because I did love it... once.

Anonymous said...

People PAY to live in that!?!?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Good strategy with these things is to bring local government into this.

There's a list of phone numbers. I say rally the troops, get in touch with metro pulse, and lets start calling.

I'm sure the last thing Maplehurst wants is a "slumlord" label, or civil action against such.

Anonymous said...

There's also the infamous and reliable Google bomb. Make this the first thing people see when they search for Maplehurst.

Anonymous said...

Is this property owned by Stacey Campfield?

My wife had a similar problem when she lived in the fort; all of the plaster from the ceiling in her closet fell causing a huge mess and messing up a lot of her clothes. The guy who managed the property was seriously dragging his feet on fixing the problem so we took a lot of pictures and included them in a letter to the owner threatening to withhold rent and sue. He took care of it pretty quickly after that.

max said...

no, not stacey campfield despite the coincidence that the wigshop and sentinel wrote stories on similar subjects within a day of each other.

B said...

yes, pol, this is that house, and currently no one lives there. they drove out everyone. so now it will sit and rot.

some of the best things in knoxville happened in that house. lots of good music and good people there.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I used to live in the pictured Maplehurst unit from 1993 to 2000. In August 2000 I was forced out by the company who bought it and claimed to have plans to fix it up. It was nowhere near in the bad shape shown in the pics, but had it's own funky charm. The radiators used to be cranked so much that we could leave the windows open all winter. The skylight at the top of the inside steps was nice. Lots of parties and visitors. I had at least five different roommates over those years. thanks for the pics, I got here by doing a google images search for Maplehurst Court Knoxville. I have tons of pics from better days there. My apologies for all the noise complaints.

-Shannon Jewett, Aspen

max said...


I never lived there but visited friends who lived there a few times. The building certainly had its charm despite its shortcomings shown in the photos. From what I can remember the radiators were on and the windows were open even when it was cold outside.


B said...

I would love to see your photos of Maplehurst.


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