Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year, Knoxville!

Here at the Wigshop Headquarters, we've been so busy playing with all our Christmas toys that we've forgotten about why we are actually here- for you. The Pol, Max, and Robert have been playing guitar hero world tour, CK and Lo have been putting together an industrial sized easel my parents gave me, and Em and The Modern Gal have been playing with the Pol's new puppy dog. It's been a Merry Christmas, indeed.

But we're taking a break tonight to go to Market Square for First Night Knoxville. There's a ton going on, so check out the website. I hear there's even a ball that will drop when the clock strikes midnight. I'll be working, but what better a spot to witness all the festivities than LaCosta (come see me!)

Have fun tonight, Knoxville and remember to ring in the new year as responsibly as possible.