Saturday, December 13, 2008

Congrats to an Old Fave

So the missus and I were stopping by for a bottle or two at the Downtown Wine & Spirits and know what?

As we were looking around church bells started ringing, balloons fell form the ceiling, party hats and noise makers appeared for everyone from out of nowhere and there was an amazing party for all. Well no, but that could have been what happened. The guy in front of us in line put the Wine Shop over a special threshold.

He put the store over the $1 Million dollar in sales mark. It was a neat moment to see, they gave him a free bottle of champagne and the owner shook his hand. It was a quiet, but happy, moment.

I just put this up because it was an encouraging moment to see. We all know there are well run businesses downtown and they tend to be quiet about it. I was just glad to see it.


B said...

i'm glad you posted about that. it makes me smile.

benjamin said...

$1 million of booze - that would be cool to see all in one place.

Laura Jane said...


LOVE the folks at DT wine!

ck said...

it is certainly the most stylish liquor store in town. most of the other places are so seedy that you feel like you're doing something illicit when you go in. not so with dt w+s.

Mickey said...

That is a nice place. The people are always friendly in there, which is a big departure from most liquor stores.