Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cafe 4 Photos

I made my second trip to Cafe 4 on Market Square yesterday to get some work done and drink lots of coffee and go out of my mind on caffeine. (and to perfect the art of writing run-on sentences and comma splices) The majority of my Saturday and part of my day yesterday were spent in the loft/mezzanine part of Cafe 4 sippin on some good coffee while editing. The place is very cozy and has dark areas which I really like. Usually if I'm trying to get work done (or hide from the law) I like to make the most of my time in some dark corner of a coffee shop. That said, Cafe 4 offers such a place. Don't get me wrong, it isn't all dark. The lighting and colors give it that classic coffee shop/cafe/Central Perk feel. I watched the snow come down Saturday afternoon as I sat warm inside thinking of how much I love the way downtown is growing.

See for yourselves in the photos, but they offer comfy furniture, decent music that is quiet enough to drown out with headphones (unlike a different coffee corporation that I'm thinking of), great coffee, flaky croissants, and super friendly worker bees. A couple of good friends of mine work there. Call me biased, but the baristas and other employees were friendly and focused on serving.

From what I have gleaned on my two visits this week I don't think that everything is fully functional. The espresso machine wasn't working, but since I don't drink espresso drinks that often it didn't matter. It will be up and running very soon though. It may be running right now. So forget what I just said. The restaurant part has not opened yet, but an inside source says the crab cakes are amazing. I don't know anything about the venue but I heard the My Brightest Diamond show was great. I'll be more excited when the espresso machine and restaurant are fully functional. As with any new joint, and especially one of that size, it takes a bit to work out the kinks. They'll get it though. That is about all I know. Just trying (not really) to be objective and play both sides here.

I'll post more on the rest of the place once I find out first hand what it is like. Go there. You won't be disappointed.

Here are some photos. Note the photo of our very own CK. He designed the left side of the cafe. Most of the photos except the last one are in that area. Kudos to him. The other dude is my good friend Ethan. He works there.

Here are some of my photos including the one at the top.

Coffee Stuff

The Mezzanine/Loft Area





B said...

no joke, max, you make me want to like the place

Brandon Clarke said...

CK, nice work my friend. I was there for a short time on Friday night and blown away...something this nice is almost out of place here.


benjamin said...

i love parenthetical statements that indicate what was just said is a bold faced lie - they are my fav.

nice pics, too. ya shoulda gone to the my brightest diamond show!

max said...

i felt compelled to try to play both sides. then i realized that i like that place too much.

UPDATE: i just stopped by there at 1:00pm and the cafe was packed. a sign on the door says the restaurant opens at 7am on Thursday, well, tomorrow.

and parenthetical statements are my humor mechanism for writing. (sortof)

The Modern Gal said...

Pretty. Way to go, CK!

I'll definitely check it out next time I'm on Market Square.

benjamin said...

max! you didn't even mention that DAVID BYRNE AND BRIAN ENO were at the my brightest diamond show! wtf?

incredible. how was i not there?

stan said...

last i heard, wasn't byrne writing on his blog how much he hated knoxville? now he's coming back, eh? same as it ever was.

all i know is whoever designed the square room is a tool. seriously.

benjamin said...

i also want to add that this is even more of a reason to add "strange overtones" to the finetune.

especially with the lyrical relevance to robert's noise problem:

"I wake up every morning
I hear your feet on the stairs
You’re in the next apartment
I hear you singing over there...

Strange overtones in the music you are playing - I'll harmonize"