Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the wigshop loves the earth

Here are the pictures from last Friday's creek clean up. We had incredible weather and a good turn out, 10 in all. The crew from Fort Loudon Lake Association was great to work with, a jovial bunch. I encourage anyone to call them up and plan your very own creek clean up adventure in the future. Their number is 523-3800. Ask for Rachel.
In the end, we collected a truck-bed full of trash: 39 propane tanks, a bum's full wardrobe, a girl's wallet with ID's still intact, billions of plastic sacks, and the list goes on. Out the creek and into a dumpster.

Thanks to the Pol, the Pol's spouse, Mickey, Beth L., Zack, and Adam for wading in the muck on a Friday morning. Y'all are my heroes.
Check out Max's photos here.


The Modern Gal said...

Hey, Mickey!

I'm glad to hear it went well.

will cote said...

wish i could have gone! cant believe yall still have green leaves on the trees.

Mickey said...

How did I not even notice the "weed rules" grafitti? Cool photos.

benjamin said...

beth, you are a great wigshop poster, unlike some (*cough* max).

hey little korean!

max said...

dude i put photos up there. geez.

max said...

and you are right.