Monday, November 03, 2008

I challenge you...

Dear Wigshop Readers (and writers):

This Thursday, November 6 is Operation Boot Camp's monthly Bring a Friend Day! I challenge you to attend!

1) We will have a new president by then (hopefully), so we could all pair the fresh start for our country with a fresh start for ourselves!
2) Holiday season is upon us, and what better way combat the holiday bulge than with a GREAT workout!
3) Daylight Savings means that daylight actually arrives about 1/3 through the workout, so it's not so dark anymore.
4) It may be cold but you warm up quickly out there!
5) It's fun! You may decide you love it and want to sign up for a month!
6) You get to meet me!

So, yes, I challenge you to attend! Read this for details. Pol, I would love to see you out there...


The Pol said...

what are you saying about my size. It's not fat, it's just stored energy fro my long winters nap ahead.

The Modern Gal said...

I'd love to see how much more in shape I might be from the last one, but I'm going to have to be at work early. Maybe next month though.