Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So I know it's been a while since I've posted... but I've been building a house with my bare hands, so lay off! Anyways, I've seen this gem of weirdness for a while, next to the venerable Smoke Stack on Chapman Highway. Does that say "Creasure Chest"? I think someone slept through cursive class in grade school. What is Creasure? We'll never know- as you can see at the bottom, the space is empty. Oh Creasure Chest, we barely knew ye.


B said...

i wonder if Dr. Crentist has anything to do with that.

max said...

Maybe it only appears empty but is full of creasure when you walk inside. I'm thinking its some sort of Italian spice used for cooking gnocchi. That's the most random thing I could come up with.

TonyN said...

Part crap, part treasure?

Hello said...

It looks like it says, "Che Creasure Chest", hmmm, perhaps it's Spanish.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's another Revolution! A Creasure Revolution! Crevolution!

Mickey said...

I can't beat that. You guys are too good.

Unknown said...

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