Monday, November 10, 2008

It all started with Dolly...

Ok, I'm gonna say this just once and then get off of it.

There oughta be a law, No one is allowed to use Christmas as an advertising tool until after Thanksgiving. There I said it. I'm not one who like putting curbs on freedom of speech, but I think it's time. Just as the Alien and Sedition Acts helped to drive home the serious ramifications of treason, I believe the Yuletide Non-Promotion Act would benefit everyone in our society in the long term.

People need to see that Christmas is not just a super-sized McRib that can be cheaply sold for a while. Dolly Pardon was on tv advertising Dixie Stampede for Christmas a week before Halloween. How is that OK??

I know you've seen the ads, it has to stop.

Call your congressman, Duncan, Wamp, Alexander, Corker, please have them support (and create) the Yuletide Non-Promotion Act.

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

Who's with me?


B said...

i was going to advertise that santa would be at the second creek clean up on friday. you've made me reconsider.

max said...

i heard a really bad remix version of some classic song at borders on friday. fortunately for me i have suppressed the memory of the song so deep that i forgot its name but will need therapy in 20 years.

thanks marketing VP's!

Anonymous said...

I am so with you. I believe that many advertising restrictions do not actually hamper free speech, so we are good to go there.

I was in a Target in Georgia in September and they already had one fully stocked Christmas aisle. That is right September. It is a shame. A travesty. And it needs to be stopped!

The Modern Gal said...

Um, I didn't think about putting in a Christmas CD yesterday, I swear!

Ok, maybe I did because I needed some Christmas-style cheer, but I'm definitely against pre-Thanksgiving Christmas ads.

Anonymous said...

I dont know if I agree. It really doesnt bother me. I think that the time between Halloween and Christmas moves so darn quickly anyway. Plus I like the festive spirit.

Anonymous said...

No joke, I saw midget santas in walmart before halloween and said to myself - "Why corporate America why?!" I am disappointed in the thought of frantic shopping, the perfect gift, and even seeing santa no longer excites me for Christmas. I'm blessed just to see my family and share with them some good times.

stan said...

i have no choice. my wife believes it acceptable to turn on the christmas station after november 1st. that's TWO MONTHS of turning on the car to crosby, king cole, and sinatra. sure it sounds fun, but so was santa clause when he stayed in your chimney out of every shopping center in america.

Anonymous said...


The Pol said...

SHMOOPIES, You're back.

I'm glad to see you never give up on us. Anyways, I know it's not exactly freemarket, and it would destroy "Christmas in July", but it must be done.

Stan, only one piece of advice. Cut her brake line. Lovies.

Mickey said...

Wait- Is the McRib back? How come nobody told me?!!

Amelia said...

We have a tradition here in the graphics office to listen to Love 89 early in the season. I love getting psyched up for Christmas because it's the only time of year I usually get to see all of my family that lives 7 hours away. But when Christmas is over is when I can't handle it. It's pretty tacky to see people's lit up Santas and reindeers in the yard after New Year's.

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