Friday, November 07, 2008

Feelin' the Vibe

I've been in some serious need of a haircut for some time, and when I called the salon to schedule an appointment with my stylist, I was told he had moved to another place. Which was the third time that's happened to me with this guy, so I decided au revoir. I don't get my hair did often enough to keep up with him.

Many of the ladies out there (and perhaps some of the dudes) will understand that finding a new hairstylist is like finding a new therapist. You've got to find someone you can trust to take care of a very important part of your life who won't make you feel like an idiot. I went on the advice of a friend and called Vibe. I had my appointment today, and now I'm totally hooked on both Vibe and my new stylist Kimmy.

Vibe is the perfect name for the salon, because that's exactly what it has. It's young and fun. The walls are colorful and the stylists all have fun dos. When I walked in today, they were playing a DVD of a Police concert from the '80s. Anyone who knows me knows that '80s music is the way into my heart. (If you hate the '80s stuff, don't worry, they don't have it all the time.)

I told Kimmy that I'm not picky with my hair ... it just needed to be shorter and more flattering. She worked magic on it. I felt 10 pounds lighter and 100 percent better after she was done. The price was reasonable -- $45 for a wash, cut, style and tube of product. Between the great new style and the music, I was dancing on my way out of the salon.

And today is a big day for Vibe too. It's their anniversary! Michael Layne, a former stylist at Belleza opened Vibe exactly a year ago today with the help of Marwan Zauok, the owner of Belleza, as a way to help Belleza grow without having to expand the salon. Certainly anyone who's been to Belleza will recognize some of the stylists at Vibe, but Vibe has it's own flavor.

Vibe is on Kingston Pike in Bearden in the strip with Wok Hay and Hargreaves Books. The phone number is is 584-VIBE or 584-8423. Go and wish them happy anniversary!


Unknown said...

I was going to make a nasty comment about you gulls thinking $45 is "reasonable" for a haircut, but dang it, you shore do look purty afterwards. :-}

The Modern Gal said...

I know you men can get your hairs cut for like $10. I could too, I suppose, if I wanted to look like a man. So yes, that's reasonable for a new hairstyle and a tube of hair goo.