Thursday, November 06, 2008

2nd Creek Clean Up is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Y'all thought I forgot, but I didn't. (You were probably hoping I would) I've been going back and forth with the Fort Loudon Lake Association about when we can do a creek clean up and now that we planned it, there's not much time to get people together. If you are just tuning in, click on "Second Creek" under labels on the sidebar (to your right) to get the scoop. I've done a few posts on the litter that collects there.

The clean-up is on a Friday morning (that's the best we could do in light of football games, the weather getting colder, and Thanksgiving), but I hope at least 3 people will join me. Here the information Jake at Fort Loudon gave me about it:

"Above is a map of the site for our Friday, November 14 Creek Clean-up. We will meet in the green outlined parking lot between Blackstock Ave and the Foundry, at 10:00, and should be done before noon. The Fort Loudoun Lake Association will provide waders, trash bags and trash grabbers. The chest-waders are made to wear over socks and it is recommended that you tuck your pants leg into the socks before donning the waders, so you should chose your clothing accordingly. We will be working in brush and the creek. Some people will be on the bank to carry bags and help haul out large debris. If you have any questions, call Jake Hudson at 386-6719, or Scott Wilson at 523-3800."

I still have to figure out exactly where he's talking about meeting, but if you want to come please email me at

What a better way to spend a Friday morning than wading through trash. CK has already promised to head up the team that will be wearing the waders :) I also heard Jake found a dead body in the Tennessee River one time, so I'm sure we could get him to fill us in on that. SO MUCH FUN!!! Hope you will join me on this very green adventure.

Note: The photograph above is not the same location where we'll be. I'm not sure what the trash will be like. This project is not supposed to be very appealing, but educational and good, so come learn with me.


Mickey said...

Count me in!

The Pol said...

i'll try to be there.
All I can picture is the scene from Star War where their all stuck in the trash compactor on the starship. Let's just hope the snakes aren't that big in the river.

The Modern Gal said...

Rats. Usually I have Friday off, but not next week. Good luck.