Friday, July 25, 2008

Why I'm still Here

When Stan asked me to be a writer for this blog, I excitedly and ignorantly accepted. That was well over a month ago. My hesitancy to post may stem from the fact that I've never been a blogger. Tonight I'm taking the plunge, pretending only about 5 people will read this anyway. So here goes, my first ever blog post:

In lieu of Stan's best and worst, I'm giving y'all the top 8 reasons I'm still in Knoxville after graduating from UT over a year ago. It's mostly to convince myself that this is and may be my home for some time.

1) Maplehurst Court- I moved there a year ago. If I stay there, I'd like to one day be the mayor of Maplehurst. I'll fix up all the apartments and start a commune with cats, chickens, gardens and bluegrass music. It's on it's way there, just give it time. It's an incredible location, sandwiched between the Tennessee River and World's Fair Park, home of

2) The Sunsphere- It's like my own personal depression fighting lamp, reflecting the sun's rays into my apartment each day. I've lost count of how many times I've actually been up in it...maybe 27.

3) The ever-growing biking community- I've yet to be yelled at by any angry motorists whilst on my bike. Probably because I stop traffic.

4) A big city and country feel in one- Whenever I get the urge to be in a larger city I go to Nama, where the hostesses never smile. I eat my sushi and decide that the next day I'll go jump into Meade's quarry at Ijam's Nature Center.

5) Mayor Bill Haslam said he wanted the "best and brightest" to stay in Knoxville. What choice do I have.

6) Knoxville feeds my cynical side as well as my delight in simple things. There is much to complain about and much to happily savor.

7) I won't leave until I'm mentioned in the Metro Pulse. I only need a few sentences. That's a lie. I'd like a full page. And a photo.

8) The Sunsphere is not a Wigshop asked me to be a writer for them. What more can I say?


Anonymous said...

big b! yay! welcome!

as one departs, one joins.


Amelia said...

Welcome. I look forward to reading more posts.

ck said...

welcome aboard!

you really don't know what you've gotten yourself into.

max said...

big b! it is good that you are a wigshopper. i shall share a view of the depression lamp with you this year. i'll think of you often.

The Modern Gal said...

Hi, Big B!

benjamin said...

beef - thanks for giving huck the fame he deserves...

let's go to mead's quarry today!

B said...

aw guys thanks for the encouragement. I'm trying to learn what a label is. i think y'all don't know what you've gotten yourselves into asking me to do this.