Monday, July 21, 2008

a taste of havana, numero dos

We reviewed "A Taste of Havana" a while back, when it was partnered up with World Grotto on Market Square, but a few weeks later it disappeared. According to an inside source, Cuban business practices and hippie bar culture didn't mix very well. However, having gotten used to a regular infusion of spicy rice and beans, your correspondent was disconcerted over the state of Cuban cuisine in downtown.

Never fear- much like Castro, "A Taste of Havana" is still ticking. Yesterday evening I noticed a sign on the 100 block of Gay Street advertising that the Cubans will be back soon. Their new location will be right next to Nama. A welcome addition to one of my favorite blocks in downtown, and a welcome return to spicy goodness in my belly.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! This place is delicious. One of the best restaurants in Knoxville!