Friday, July 18, 2008

The Pol Debated the Issues... and WON.

Just in case you missed it. (And actually there was no winner declared, but it seems like the presidential candidates always declare victory so I figure I could.)

Last night there was a forum introducing all of the candidates for Knox 1A hosted by and The Historic Fort Sanders Neighborhood Association. It was a wonderful time of discussion and interaction with a number of concerned and active citizens who came out.

It was great to meet all of those who came and the other candidates. Also Brian Paone over at Political Knoxville has posted the entire forum on Google video so you can watch it.

There is another debate coming up on the 31st, early voting starts today and runs through the 2nd so get out and vote . And remember write in John Spellings for a change in Knox County's leadership.

Write-In Spellings, Write-out Nepotism


[addition by ck] a picture of the intense debating:

The Pol is the white, bald one.


will cote said...

those other guys seemed pretty respectful to you despite you being the youngest. i think they were probably scared.

it seemed like you gave the most substantive answers than the rest. the republican guy didn't really say anything but the democrat was alright.

wish you had some time to pontificate on redflex.

you were definitely the most knowledgeable up there in terms of issues and how things work. (in fact i think you blew them away)

it seemed like everyone was a little timid on the vagrance issue. but i dont know what county commissioner could do with that issue anyways.

i honestly dont know why anyone who watched this would vote for anyone else but you unless they are stupid party liners.

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