Wednesday, July 23, 2008

goodbye, knoxville

taking a cue from another former blog writer here at the wigshop, my last post is a list of the best and a some the worst knoxville has given me over the past 7 years. it's a bit long, i know. but permit me a little self-indulgence. or just don't read it.

best overall spot: downtown grill and brewery. its not that its amazing, its just that its pretty good at everything. excellent nachos. the pretzels and pub cheese will leave you fat and happy. i love their beer. sitting on the front porch in fall or springtime will make you never want to leave.

best bar: barley's. i have to agree with lucas on this. the beer selection and sprawling interior are hard to beat. not to mention $2 pints on monday and tuesday. shazam.
worst: hannah's in the old city. "why did you even go there?" you ask. good question. i think what makes it worse is that they have that great space there on the corner and totally ruin it.

best bar to drink a knoxville corona: backroom bar-b-q. who doesn't want to hang out in a hidden back porch and drink cheap pbr on draft with a lemon twist? exactly.

best person to consistently make me laugh when i'm supposed to be working: em

best place for cheap used books, movies, and cds you probably don't need: mckay's. and big surprise...
worst: mckay's--i love and hate it.

best place for good used books: woodwards. enjoy the books and the conversation.

best nice restaurant: by the tracks bistro. they have blue cheesecake--macorni with blue cheese. plus, i never knew fried catfish could taste that good.
worst: regas. they're doing their best to keep us in the last century. and it's not because of their clientèle--they're just lazy.

best restaurant: pasta trio. delicious, mostly italian dishes. it's a little kitschy that you can sign the wine bottle you just drained, but i love it.

best book about life under a bridge in knoxville: suttree.

best type A obsessive blog designer: ck

best place to act older than 50: knoxville cigar company and bar.
worst: liquid on the strip, or whatever its current manifestation...

best hidden gem of knoxville: marie's old towne tavern. everyone must go there at least once. you will not be disappointed.

best place to have your car window smashed: the north end of the gay street viaduct.

best place to sleep under the stars: max patch. i know everyone says this, but it's true.

best shameless self-promotion (even though he's getting my vote): the pol

best closet to listen to music: the pilot light. its true things went downhill when they banned smoking and got rid of their two tables, but i've seen so many great shows there.
worst: blue cats. i know, i know it moved. and i know, it used to be the only place that was really booking anybody, but i never really enjoyed a show there.

2nd best blog according to the metropulse's reader's poll: the sunsphere is not a wigshop

best blog: the sunsphere is not a wigshop


ck said...

c'mon stan, you obsessed all the time about the music mix and the itty bitty picture at the bottom of the page. it just won't be the same without someone to discuss the mind-numbing-to-others details about this blog.

we'll miss you, man.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Brother...

I love you, you loser. I'm going to miss you guys too, too much. Who's gonna listening to my sniffling and tell me every thing's okay? Come on!

Excuse me. Excuse me.

lucas said...

glad to see i have started a tradition at the wigshop. now hurry up and get up here so i can show you all the great spots in st. louis.

The Modern Gal said...

Oh Stan, I hardly knew ye. Enjoy StL!

samuel said...

I have to comment just to second the emotion in regards to Hannah's in the Old City. I get a little mad and a little sad every time I walk past that place. It's never been anything good in the few years I've lived here, and it always deserves so much better.

regi said...

stan, where's my bathing suit!? I want my bathing suit, or i drink your milkshake!