Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why Not Knoxville?

OK sorry to double post, but I have to put this up as well.

I'm not usually one to discuss national issues on this blog, but I think Knoxville has a chance here to be of some good use to our president/ fellow citizens.

See articles here, here, and here.

Here is my basic premise. If we are going to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (9/11 mastermind) in Federal Court, but don't want to try him near NYC I say we try him in Knoxville.

We have a Federal Courthouse right here in downtown, we are far away from NYC, and we do not provide a high profile target for other terrorists.

On a more selfish note, I would love for the Federal government to pump $100 million plus into Knoxville for this trial each year. Imagine how much business would be driven into downtown at a time where we could really use an influx of new patrons to support the new businesses and residences that are coming on line.

Knoxville would benefit and the country would benefit, it's a win-win. I hope Bill Haslam (who is following the Wigshop on Twitter) sees this and pushes for it.

Read on for the other post I wrote today, which is also time sensitive.


Sarah said...

And... it would give us a break from hearing about the other high-profile trials ad nauseum.

ck said...

I'm not one usually for historicist architecture, but we do have a very nice Federal Courthouse with a very nice courtyard for large press conferences. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Too bad our beautiful Federal Courthouse is used as an abbreviated DMV and family court office, and the "real" trials are in the City/County building.

B said...

i just have to say that this topic is soooo way far off my radar. that is all.

Anonymous said...

Knoxville may not have any terrorist targets, but you can't forget about Y-12 and ORNL....

benjamin said...

New York town vying to host the trial:

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