Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bike Lanes Have your Say

Just saw this on Flory's Blog.

I missed the meeting but emailed the guy.

You can email him too at

Please email him if you would like to see bike lanes up and down Henley. Imagine how nice it would be to actually be able to ride your bike to Rally's to get a burger, or just truck straight through Summit Hill on your way to Old North.

Let your voices be heard people and email this guy.

Tell him the Wigshop sent ya. (or on second thought, don't say that)


ck said...

And let's make sure that the bike lanes don't suddenly end at the end of the bridge. Surely there's enough room on Henley to extend them to Broadway, at least?

The Modern Gal said...

Good point, CK

B said...

Yes! bike lanes everywhere!!!!!

Tom Skib said...

A bike lane just on the bridge helps, but connecting it to some additional ones would be ideal.

Man... a bike lane to Rallys/Disc Exchange/Comic Exchange/etc... would be fabulous. Would love to be able to ride down to Ye Olde Steakhouse for dinner after work without the fear of being killed on Chapman.

Also, a bike lane that connects to the existing ones on Central would be so freakin sweet.