Wednesday, September 02, 2009

word on the street...

...Is that Lenny's Sub Shop is coming to Gay St?! Has anyone else heard this?

With Steamboat coming to Market Square and now Lenny's, there will FINALLY be fresh, quality grab-and-go lunch spots downtown!

And I do love me some of Lenny's hot pepper relish. Yum.

Oh, and speaking of food: It seems like Regas has done a little re-branding and re-visioning. From what their marquee says, they've started having live music. They offer a new "Gatering Place" menu, and their website has been re-vamped. Say goodbye to stodgy old Regas. Say hello to Regas Square...


Anonymous said...

it's true. there's a coming soon sign.

Anonymous said...

Now if only downtown/Old City would get a Chipotle-style burrito shop, we'd be set!

Unknown said...

yeah, we'll see how long it lasts... there used to be a Jersey Mike's on the strip

The Modern Gal said...

Ditto to Anonymoose No. 2. Love Chipotle so much more than the other burrito places.

And that casual Gathering Place menu might actually get me to try Regas. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Steamboat? Explanation please!

Unknown said...

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