Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Knoxville Twestival haiku winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Knoxville Twestival haiku contest. We had a lot of fun reading them. Now, without further adieu ... the winners.

Back2Pennyrile for the Cas Walker shoutout (by the way, excellent use of many Knoxville icons in your haikuing)
Cas Walker, they said,
would bring us miracle salve!
Duck! It's a chicken!

Radioactiveegan for the Twestival-specific haiku
beer at twestival?
boogying with animals?
you can count me in.

Jim Clark for his Vols football haiku
Wear orange sweatshirts.
Ice beers, light grills, shout, "GO VOLS!"
Prepare for heartbreak.


Discordia gets the Twitter tickets as he both haikued AND tweeted about us (and even attempted to Twitter a haiku, though it didn't work out.)

If you're one of these four people, please e-mail your real name and e-mail address and/or phone number ASAP to themoderngal(at)gmail(dot)com so I can pass it along to the event organizers and they can hook you up. Have fun at the Twestival! I am going to try to make it Thursday, but work may get in the way.


Discordia said...

The only reason the tweet-ku didn't work out is because there are not enough lengthy words in the english language with which to haiku and still take up exactly 140 characters.

Unknown said...

Good job Wes!

B said...

congrats, all of you. i'm so proud.