Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No Kno'ers listen up

Found this on Flory's Blog:

North Knox streetscape meeting this week

OK you north knox'ers: Time to make your voice heard.

Go talk about bike lanes, green space, and on street parking to get that corridor redone in a classy and beneficial style.

Let The Wigshop know if you're planning on going; we'd love to hear your ideas.

Maybe a Trolley lane?? JK JK, but seriously we'd love to know if you're planning on going. Community activism is a plus in our book.

"The meeting is slated for 6 p.m., Thursday, September 24, at St. John's Lutheran Church, located on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Broadway." Thanks Flory for the heads up.


It’s election day today...HUZZAHHH!

The city council primary election started at 8AM and goes through 8PM. With an expected turnout of about 5% at best, you may never have had a better opportunity to make your vote count.

Find your polling place here and go vote.

Just FYI, The Wigshop (meaning the Pol) endorses either Messrs. Brown or Dupree.

In the Old North 4th District, we like Nick Della Volpe

This being the primary, the top 2 votes move on to the general election, so do some good and cast your vote

And as always, if you’re unsure of who to vote for, “Write-in Spellings, Write-out Nepotism.”


The Modern Gal said...

No-Kno? Cute, I think.

I'll try to be there.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a post a looooong time ago, back when wigshop was pretty new, about the neighborhood nicknames DoKno, NoKno, SoKno and WeKno. The credit goes to my friend Lewis, who now lives in Mississippi.

Wax S. said...

Don't both Della Volpe and Abbas move on to the general?

If so, what are the ramifications for the primary?