Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It's that time of year again...

Not football, something much more exciting. Election Season. YIPPPEEEEE!!!

True story, we have election starting... well... TOMORROW. Tomorrow is the first day of early voting for City Council elections. And your local political junkie is here to help you out.

Why is this election important? We're getting a new City Councilman.

Why is that important? Because, if you like living downtown, coming downtown, or making snarky remarks about those hipsters downtown, you want to make sure that the representation is up to the challenges of supporting our thriving little community.

So without further ado...

There are three candidates in the primary (which is what this election is for)

David Dupree - blog

Daniel Brown - KNS video

Charles Frazier - KNS Video

I'm working on contacting each one to find out their thoughts and purposes for the position.

I'll keep you informed of what I find out.

If you have any particular questions you'd like to ask these guys please let me know.

Only two of the three will advance to the general so lets pick the best two then narrow it down.

Here and Here are a couple of overviews of the candidates as well.

Also if any one has already formed an opinion I'd love to know, because I am still in process.


The Modern Gal said...

Forgive my relative stupidity about this election, but is this for a particular district? At-large? I know there are more candidates than this, because my former next-door-neighbor is running in my former district (vote for him, Tierney Bates. He's awesome).

I promise I'll be well-informed by the time I make it to the polls, Pol.

The Pol said...

Great Q MG. Actually you're right. This race is the 6th District which cover downtown, up Magnolia, and out Sutherland.

I'll Do another post on the Old north districts race.

Thanks for keeping me on my toes.