Friday, September 25, 2009


[via Drinking Knoxville]

A candid assessment of our city's geography. Note the wig on top of the Sunsphere. I may start spelling "Knoxville" this way!


Lo said...

that wig is too conservative for knoxville! think you could photoshop-weave a little mullet below for us?

max said...

it looks like a mustache.

Eric said...

awesome, I'm glad someone took a picture of that. I'm always trying to explain it to people but it never dawned on me to photograph it myself.

benjamin said...

what perspective is this drawn from? the old city is in between fort sanders and the wigsphere?

my too-logical-for-this-unrealistic-map-brain just exploded.

in related news, i need to do my laundry.

Anonymous said...

i don't want to be completely an ass here...but that drinking knoxville clearly only goes to college bars....and well, there's much better places to drink in this town.

max said...

the LOL after Gay Street. wowzers

Studiokaikimi said...

haha wow, thanks. Never would've imagined I'd be blogged about. I'm the one who drew this. Just call me Kaikimi. All of my stuff I do on the wall and around knoxville has that kanji. I hope to do a lot more stuff on the market square wall soon so walk past it every once in a while ;)

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