Wednesday, September 09, 2009

phonographs for sale

I don't often park on the top level of the Market Square Garage, but those of you who do may have noticed this faded advertisement half covered up on the back of 29. Advertising is perhaps the most transient of art forms, except it seems when it's painted on brick. Look around- all over this city we have hieroglyphs of a long departed civilization informing us of its extinct technology for sale.


Melissa said...

Awesome. I love old advertisements painted on brick buildings! Great find!

The Modern Gal said...

I've probably looked at that building a dozen times and not seen that. Good eye, CK. There's something asthetic in a fading advertisement on brick. Don't know why. Kind of the same reason records and phonographs sound so lovely?

Wax S. said...

What's it say on the side of the new gellato place?