Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tell your Friends

There are times when one must leave the hustle and bustle to do something that takes their mind off of the roller coaster that is life. Sometimes you just need a place to get away.

But what do you do when you don' t have the time or cash to travel?

I'm here to fill you in on places of wonder and delight, B's Narnia within Knoxville: Thrift/Junk/Antique Stores.

Why there so many of these establishments in Knoxville is for a different post. I'm just here to say I am thankful for the plethora of places where others people's trash becomes my treasure. (Note the alliteration. Aren't you excited?)

There is Green Acres on Alcoa Highway, Am Vets down Magnolia, the four stores on Chapman Highway, and a road practically paved with cheap, used goods down Central from Broadway to the Habitat Thrift Store. (If your mind just jumped where I think it did, get it out of the gutter!)

I think it's safe to say these stores are places where all are welcome- homeless, hipster, unemployed, artist, fraternity/sorority members who are having a pub crawl down the strip- basically anyone trying to save a buck or two, which is everyone these days.

The photos shown here are of the store Friends on Central. If you've never been, it's three floors of old musty wonderful stuff. Don't forget to check the creepy Christmas room in the basement while you're there!

Enjoy your mini vacay.

note: I blame Old City Java coffee for the cracked out nature of this post

photos by, guess who: Tracy Jackson


The Modern Gal said...

Love it! As you obviously know, I have a thing for thrift store furniture.

Aly Beth said...

I recently went antiquing in the Poconos, and you are right! Walking through old stuff is strangely relaxing. And I hardly ever feel compelled to spend money, so it's a good deal, too!


micah daniel said...

how have i missed this place?? it looks awesome! thanks for the tip b.

Eric said...

I just discovered this place a couple weeks ago. I could get lose hours looking around in there.

Katherine said...

Big fan. I went in there 2 days ago and told them about this post. They were so excited.

I also said "the post said to check out the Christmas room".

"Oh yeah. That Santa scares people".

Kat said...

Where exactly is Friends on Central? From Broadway towards or away from the Old City?

B said...

go away from the old city down central. it's after baxter, across from veg-o-rama, before time warp tea room and XYZ. let me see, anymore landmarks? nope, that's all :)

Unknown said...

I just randomly ran in to your blog- and i'm sure i'll be back to check it out- but I saw this post about the Friends place. I pass that place twice and from work. and I was always curious of what was in it and what it looked like- I may HAVE to def. check it out :)
I am new to Knox..only moved here this past Feb.
I'm trying out the blog scene a little too.
Well thank you for the amazing blog :)


Unknown said...

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