Friday, August 28, 2009

Get your Knoxville Twestival tickets here

Brace yourselves Wigshoppians. We're gonna have a giveaway! But first, a word about the sponsor of this giveaway.

The Knoxville Twestival is taking place Sept. 10 from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Knoxville Zoo. What's a Twestival? Glad you asked.

The very first Twestival was organized and promoted through Twitter (hence the Tw- bit) about a year ago. In the past year it's grown into a series of local festivals held around the world during a three-day period. Tickets are sold and the funds raised benefit a local charity, which in Knoxville's case is the local branch of the Salvation Army.

A $25 ticket purchased here will get you access to the zoo that night as well as food and beverages (I do not know if they are of the adult nature), music from acts like Todd Steed (he's my fave!) and Randall Brown, giveaways and a silent auction. Plus you get to meet up with your fellow social media aficionados.

Now the bit about the giveaway. The Wigshop has four pairs of free tickets to giveaway to the Knoxville Twestival! Woo hoo! But we're not just going to hand them out.

We want to see your best haiku about Knoxville, funny or serious. Bonus points for mentions of key Knoxville landmarks and your favorite bloggers (ahem). We're giving you until Friday, Sept. 4, to make an entry after which the Wigshoppers will confer and select the three most creative entries to win. You may haiku more than once, but you only have a chance to win one pair of tickets (unless you're the only one to enter, in which, congratulations!)

Wait, didn't you just say you had four pairs of tix to give away, MG?

You're so observant. Since this is a Twitter+Festival, the last pair of tickets will be given away to someone who tweets (positively or funnily) about @wigsphere on Twitter in the next week. Make sure you're tweeting @wigsphere so we see your tweets. Include the hashtag #knoxtwestival so we know you're trying to enter.

Now go forth and haiku and tweet! Check back here after Friday to find out if you've won.


Discordia said...

Haiku Contest Eh?
This is the first try of mine.
Hence the suckiness.

B said...

ohhh, this is funny...

benjamin said...

I don't do Twitter,
And I don't mow on Sunday;
I'm too religious.

also, i don't live in knoxville :(

Discordia said...

Knoxville, Tennessee
I wish it were First Friday
Wine helps artistry.

I am just starting
Tweeting at the zoo sounds fun
There better be punch.

Game days are back soon.
And traffic will be awful.
Curse you, Henley bridge!

Boomsday is coming.
I love the pimp waterfall.
Jaws is spiffy too.

Golden Microphone
Your lifts are very creepy.
And there's an odd smell.

Students are back now.
And the strip is quite the pain.
Thank gods for downtown.

That gelato place
Is the bomb diggity yo
Have you tried it yet?

Market Square Bars need
To acknowledge broke poets.
And stop with covers.

Old city bars stopped
Charging covers til way late
Your turn market square

Sassy Anne's is sweet.
Too bad students make lines long.
I do hate waiting.

Modern Gal's contest
has no haiku submission
limits. Epic win.

Jim Clark said...

Wear orange sweatshirts.
Ice beers, light grills, shout, "GO VOLS!"
Prepare for heartbreak.

Anonymous said...

Wigshop headquarters!
A beer, martini, or wine?
I'll take one of each.

I know I don't count but wanted to do a haiku homage to our HQ.

Anonymous said...

PS. MG, this post was very educational. I had no idea what a hash tag was until you mentioned it in your post. I still don't really understand it but now at least I sort of know what it is. Also I kind of get the @so-and-so stuff...but not really.

Having a twitter account reminds me of when I traveled in Germany. I was keen on the experience, but I only really had a vague sense of what was going on the entire time I was there.

ck said...

A huge disco ball
hung in the sky by God but
no one boogies below.

blueeyedtawni said...

knoxville football is back
college kids party too much
i need sleep

The Modern Gal said...

Em: I love your haiku. And if you ever need a Twitter translator, just let me know

Max said...

Wigsphere o wigsphere
how we wish to drink in thee
and admire Knoxville

B said...

discordia knows
that the more haikus he writes
the better his chance

B said...

i don't understand
tickets to a twestival?
i'll stick with facebook

Melissa said...

Just moved from LA
Like the trees and culture, but
What's up with the rain?

Katie said...

Yes! We will have adult beverages available at Twestival! (In case you wanna update your post :-) - Katie

radioactivegan said...

beer at twestival?
boogying with animals?
you can count me in.

Back2Pennyrile said...

With fall comes orange leafs.
With orange leafs comes football hopes.
Heads hung low? Hope not.

Back2Pennyrile said...

Thanks for calling Eddie's
Your oil filter broke my car
Huh! I'll whup your ass!

Back2Pennyrile said...

Cas Walker, they said,
would bring us miracle salve!
Duck! It's a chicken!

Back2Pennyrile said...

Ghost at the Bijou
Some think it is Hank Williams
His last song was there

Back2Pennyrile said...

My New Knoxville Beer
Oh where Oh where have you gone Gonna miss that beer...

(a tribute to Todd Steed & NooKaBooCa)

Back2Penyrile said...

My New Knoxville Beer
Oh where Oh where have you gone
Gonna miss that beer...
(had to correct my layout sorry!)

Discordia said...

I've decided to dedicate today's haiku's the my most beloved First Friday:

Ode to First Friday
The single best event here
And it's every month!

First Friday will end
Hookah will be had by all
Football season sucks.

If you disagree
Try working on the campus
Horrible. Traffic.

All haiku writers
First Friday should be your plans.
Trust fellow poets.

Thus end my haikus
Wigsphere, you are my fav blog
Recruit more writers.