Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Knoxville Inspired No. 3

You may remember from last week my call for submissions for Knoxville inspired artwork. I received a startling response of one, but, hey, it's quality that I'm after, not quantity.

Today's featured artist is Dale Mackey. She has been so inspired by Knoxville, she's screenprinting t-shirts about it, in a very clever manner, I must say.

design is by Shawn Poynter

She told me she's also done a lot prints of the same design on cardstock as well. She sold both the cards and the t-shirts at Yee-Haw's handmade trunk show a few weeks ago. If you missed that one like I did, you're in luck because there's another one September 18-20th.

I added some of her other creations below. You may see more if you click this.

Sidenote: I have a crush on the drawing below of the pineapple. So good!

If you're interested in contacting Dale about her work, you may email her at From an artist's point-of-view, it means the world to hear from rando's that dig your art, so give her some lovin'.


I'm still taking submissions, and this time I'm extending it to all Knoxville artists. If you're an artist and want to be featured on the, email me at


The Modern Gal said...

Dale is a really cool lady too. Love the designs, and I'm super-glad to know there's another Yee Haw trunk show coming up because I had no idea I missed the first. Someone please remind me when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

I love a good tee shirt!

Lo said...

my neighbor grows plants to sell at the farmers market at market square. she's really proud of her last minute decision to name her operation "knox vegas farm." sounds like a partnership waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

I like the shirt design, but I really don't understand the 'Knox Vegas' tag that people here use. I mean, I know what it's trying to say, but Knoxville is (thankfully) nothing like (the hell that is) Las Vegas.