Wednesday, August 12, 2009

flip this house, knoxville style

In a certain historic neighborhood in town there are two homes on the market that look oddly similar. One was redone a few years back by a well-known historic restoration firm. It's listed for 174% above the pre-restoration purchase price. The other, well, it sat on the market for a while last year and finally switch hands to the current sellers, who are asking 283% more than pre-restoration level after about a 5 month renovation (after falling in price 70K since being on the market).

Can you tell which house is the flip? (ironically, each are within sight of the other)


Pianoman said...

My guess is the one on the bottom is the professional renovation.

The Modern Gal said...

I'm kinda afraid to guess, but I'm going to say the top one is the professionally done one because of the way the shrubbery looks. I like the door on the bottom one.

max said...

i lived next to the one on top last year so i'm going to say that it is the latter. though that doesn't make me an expert.

Lo said...

that was too easy! but don't the colors remind you of ck's house? i wonder if they all used the same decorator?

fixie fiend said...

I'm not a professional architect, but the house on the bottom seems like a more likely candidate for a historic restoration firm. The house on top doesn't look like it would require near the level of specialized restoration skill.

You never know though...

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