Monday, August 24, 2009

Movies on Market Square

Y'all know I love me some movies and some Market Square. So I'm thrilled that Movies on Market Square, sponsored by the Knox County Library is making its return for another year. Movies will be shown every Friday night from Sept. 11 through Oct. 16. What movies? That's where you come in.

photo by max.

Follow this link to the Metro Pulse and choose your six favorite films to be shown during Movies on Market Square. I'm having a hard time narrowing the list down because there are some ridiculously good options. The official lineup will be announced Sept. 3.

Speaking of movies and Knoxville, has anyone seen Inglourious Basterds yet?


adam said...
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Adam Haney said...

Inglorious Basterds was GREAT! On par with Pulp Fiction in my book.

chainofcommand02 said...

Inglourious Basterds is... good. Some people will say it is long, and it is, but the long scenes of dialogue are a rich cat-and-mouse game and often end with a "bang" so to speak. I say 8/10 and definitely worth seeing. I plan to see it twice in theatres, but I am a big Tarantino fan.

benjamin said...

I have it narrowed down to 7. Should I keep Tootsie or All Dogs Go To Heaven?

Wax S. said...

I caught Inglorious Basterds last Iceland. Needless to say, neither my French, German, nor Icelandic are up to the task of digesting films by a dialogue-heavy director...

ck said...

Saw the basterds last night. Maynardsville and the Smoky Mountains get a shout out in Brad Pitt's character. Can anyone tell me the other big Knoxville mention in Tarantino's movies?

chainofcommand02 said...


In Pulp Fiction, Butch tells an unknown person on the telephone that he will talk to him again on Knoxville time or something to that effect.

In the same movie, the gold watch that Butch keeps as a keepsake of his father was bought in Knoxville.

More tenuous is the reference in Death Proof, where a newspaper is labeled "Lebanon News Sentinel" which is considered by some to be a homage to the Knoxville News Sentinel.

I feel I'm missing a reference from another movie...

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