Monday, August 10, 2009

The Best?

Be sure to vote for your favorite stuff for the News Sentinel / "East Tenessee's Best" poll. Other than their new graphic, however, it looks like business as usual. Any poll that lists Weigel's and Pilot Travel Centers in their "Best Coffee Shop" category is hard for me to take seriously.

But just like the Oscars, here are a few genuine CK predictions:

Best Clothing Store - Gap

Best Pizza - Pizza Hut

Best Mexican - Taco Bell

Best All-Around Store: Walmart



athomp said...

I agree with that for the most part. I was surprised and flattered when Sapphire won BEST MARTINI last year in it. Not that we have even an ounce of competition in that regard in this town.

Pretty much everyone else is beer and a few restaurants do wine well. Sad state it is.

Not that I'm complaining too much

2be said...

Sad but true. Though they are missing McDonald's from the Best Overall Restaurant category...

B said...

i'm appalled at this.

B said...

Actually after more searching, there are some local options.

I'm not going to lie though. I get a hankering for a cheeseburger from McDonald's every now and then. I regret it shortly after eating, but that's beside the point.

Pianoman said...

I can't believe they put Taco Bell on best Mexican. That's an insult to all the real Mexican places. If this is the best of East TN, then chain restaurants and stores should not be on the list.

Randall Brown said...

It's a readers' poll. Thusly, the nominees were chosen by readers. We are just the messengers.

Also, these are not the winners, just the nominees. You can vote for the locals to beat the chains if you want.