Saturday, February 21, 2009

Post-Mardi Growl Post

In keeping with the recent theme of animals, I am here to do a quick post on Knoxville's most debaucherous canine event. I am of course speaking of the "Mardi Growl".

To think I took my precious puppy around that mass of sin and raucousness. There were all different breeds from hound to harlot roaming free in downtown Knoxville without a care as to the impact that they may have on the children.


Alas, I did go and covered Bella's eyes most of the time. The only redeeming point was the delicious Cafe au Lait we split and the plate of beignets (sp?).

Anyways I have a few pictures and a video from the event if you chose to look, though I recommend making sure your boss isn't around.