Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's all a matter of perspective

Well I've been meaning to get this up for a few days now (but AT&T has screwed that up) and so unless it snows today this will seem a little behind the times.

I went to pick my wife up from her office on campus the other day, after it had snowed the 4 inches earlier only to discover this sad sight.

This cat lives on this roof more or less. People who live in this house will daily put the cat out on the roof while they go to work, class, whatever, and leave the cat to fend for itself. Well thats ok when it's 70 and sun-shiney, but on snow days it's just a bit rude.

My wife said she had been watching that cat pace, then go over and relieve itself in the snow, the go back and sit by the window all day, just hoping that someone would come let it in.

All this to say, if you ever think your day is going bad, please make a copy of this picture and put it in your cubicle.

At least you're not this cat.


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't someone take some responsibility for the cat and adopt it? Or take it to the shelter?

Mickey said...

That's just cruel.

The Pol said...

the cat does have an owner, just not a very considerate one.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness. Cats are fine in 20-degree weather. In Maine, which is where I'm from, it is quite often zero degrees during the winter. Our cats leave the house in the morning to run around the woods. They don't come back until the sun starts going down.

This cat is fine, temperature-wise. It's likely just bored.

I might suggest playing with the cat, which, depending upon the intensity level of chosen play, could potentially serve the double purpose of providing it with entertainment and warming up the both of you.