Friday, February 13, 2009

good music for love day

AA Bondy is severely awesome, and he is playing tomorrow night at the Pilot Light. You can hear a sample of his music at NPR, which covered his SXSW show last march.

He's played at Bonnaroo a few times (I think) and opened for the Felice Brothers (another awesome band) last September at Barleys. I saw that show with my friend JZ, not expecting much from the opening act. He let me how incredibly awesome he was. His songs are chilling, haunting, lovely. I guess I would call it Americana. Grotesque Americana. Dark. Pretty.

If you're looking for something to do this Saturday, Valentine related or not, I would highly recommend the AA Bondy show. It's only 8 bucks, and he's worth far more than that.


micah daniel said...

the show was fabulous. his three song acoustic encore was simply beautiful.

stan said...

i'm really sad i couldn't be around to hear him play. he's a great artist.

B said...

i went to the tail end of the show because i had to work that night. the dude at the door said it was a contract show so i had to pay $8 to see the last song. he was nice about it, but i'm sad i missed it. i heard it was great.