Tuesday, July 06, 2010

karma month at the glowing body

I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday weekend. I went with some friends out to the Ocoee and had a great time. I love being able to take full advantage of a long, holiday weekend. It's hard to believe it's already July 6th. Then again, I guess I say the same thing every summer.

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to The Glowing Body. They are hosting their annual "karma month" throughout July. This is really a wonderful gift to the community, as the majority of the classes on the month's schedule are being offered at donation rates. From the Glowing Body's website:

Glowing Body has instated July as our annual Karma Month. “Karma” directly translates as “action” and is typically associated with performing service as Yoga, while letting go of attachment to any preconceived outcomes or results. In an effort to make yoga accessible to a wide range of potential students without requiring predetermined compensation, the Glowing Body’s instructors offer selected classes as “Karma” or donation-based classes.

I really like what they say in regards to value: "It is requested that you place value on the classes offered, meaning that you give even just $1 if that is what you can afford..." I truly value my yoga practice but can't always budget for the class rates on top of my gym membership, running gear and race fees. July is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the amazing instructors and courses at the Glowing Body, at even just a few dollars off the regular class price. If you have never been to the Glowing Body, this is the perfect time to check it out. Of course you should definitely swing by Magpies after your class for a delicious cupcake or dozen.

Information and schedule on the Glowing Body's website. The Glowing Body is located on Central Avenue downtown, just west of Broadway.


The Modern Gal said...

Ok, I'm going tonight then. I love Yoga, but my work schedule doesn't allow me to attend regular classes. I try to go to the ones offered by the Y, but most of them are while I'm working. What an awesome deal by Glowing Body!

Anonymous said...

Just be sure to take a look at the special July schedule on the website. While most of the classes are donation based, some remain at the regular pricing. I think most of the Tuesday PM classes are priced regularly. Would hate for you to get there expecting a donation based class to find out it isn't.

Unknown said...

If it wasn't for the Glowing Body/Bowl, I wouldn't eat. But the granola has crack in it, I'm telling you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

mmm. i love the crack granola with dried cherries. black coconut. garam masala. crack.