Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hipsters for Haslam! Slumlords for Stacey!

"It's the most wonderful tiiiiiime of the yeeeeearrrrr..."

That's right, it's time to vote again. Early voting has been going on since Friday and you need to get out and vote. No, this is not the big one you keep hearing about that will determine control of the House and Senate, but the primaries for those bigger races. There are however some County elections and changes to the Charter that are important to consider. (Scroll down to see how to get rid of Stacey Campfield)

Here are a few sites to go to for more info:

Knox County Election Commission (locations to vote)
KNS Voter Guide for info on the vote
Sample Ballot

County Races:

Read the sample ballot to see the proposed charter amendments. There are 5, 4 are changing wording on how to fill vacancies (I'll vote yes) the second makes recalls in government easier lowering the number of signature needed, speeding up the process (again I'll vote yes).

County mayor:

Burchett vs. Maize - this one won't be close.


Governor - It's not worth voting in the Democratic primary McWherter is it so vote in the Republican primary.


Seriously, those of you who live, work, love, and dream in our scruffy little city have a lot of that to thank to Bill Haslam. Let's all pay him back in our small way.

******Important if you don't like Stacey Campfield******

If you want Stacey out of the TN State Senate you have to vote in the Republican Primary, otherwise he will win another term.

Ron Leadbetter is running against him... again. And will likely lose... again.

If you want Stacey out, as many of you do, you have to make a point to vote now otherwise he'll continue to try and join the congressional black caucus and such.

HT Municipalist

So that's it, get out and vote. If you want any other opinion on candidates let me know. I like Hornback for Committeeman, but that's another story.

Vote Early, Vote Often, and of course Write out Nepotism, Write in the Pol!!


The Modern Gal said...

Clarification: Campfield is currently a member of the state house and is running for Burchett's seat in the senate, which means if he wins he has more influence.

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to register?

The Pol said...

I'd go to one of the early voting sites, though you may not be able to vote in this election it will get you set up for the next election. I believe you have to be registered 45 days ahead of time.

And yes mg - stacey will become even more powerful if his powers are merged with Burchetts seat, he may become more powerful than any of us dare to imagine...

The Sen. said...

I love the thought of creating so many new good Republicans!!!!

Mooohoohooohoohahaha! Quake in fear you crazy libs!!!