Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aislenine + Glowing Body =

First, let me say again, how grateful I am to have a grocery store in downtown. Last night, I needed laundry detergent and bacon, hopped on my bike, and had it in moments at Aislenine in the Old City/ Bowery.

While there, I was offered one of The Glowing Body's newest offerings in their food line up. They are unofficially called Readymade's, i say unofficially because they dont's have a label or anything as of yet. This is all in its infancy and so could have a different name soon.

So the Readymade is a raw, organic, uber-healthy, grab and go dish. The one I had consisted of quinoa (had to wiki that one), feta, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, mint, something else, and a vinaigrette. It is a hearty and satisfying dish that carries easily and eats on the go.

Swing by Aislenine, ask about them, try one out, and see for yourself. The bacon I got is delicious as well.


ck said...

quinoa is the bomb.com

Anonymous said...

What was the price, CK? I am wondering if these are comparable to the pre-made items the coop offers? Or the "deli" items at either Earth Fare or Fresh Mkt.

I love quinoa and am too lazy to soak it and prepare it myself, so I am always up for a good pre-made quinoa goody.

Unknown said...

I believe this dish was also part of their "Glowing Bowl Box" this week.