Friday, July 16, 2010

in my dreams

Sometimes when I'm sitting at my desk at work, I dream of a secret life playing roller derby. I'd come to work with black eyes and cuts on my face, but I would never tell anyone where they really came from. "Oh that?" I'd say. "I ran into my kitchen cabinet," or "Oh, that's from when I fell out of bed this morning. It's merely a scratch."

Everyone would know I was lying, but they'd be too scared to ask what really happened. If we had a water cooler, my co-workers would whisper, "I think B joined a fight club," over their paper cups of water.

I already know what my roller derby name would be. I came up with it as the heavens parted and light shone down on me from above. Thuggs Bunny. It's tough, yet feminine ...and it's ridiculous. 

Reality is not as fun as my dreams. There are two large reasons why I can't play roller derby: My health insurance is not that great and I've always been a pansy. But Thuggs Bunny can dream, can't she?

I can also get my fix of roller derby by watching the Hard Knox Roller Girls play at the coliseum. I went to my first game a few weeks ago. Granted, I had had a few beverages prior to the game at a World Cup party, but I had a blast. I was yelling, cheering, giving high fives, I was even compelled to fist pump a few times. That's much more than I can say has ever happened at any other sporting event in my life.

Their next home game is August 14th at the Coliseum. When you go, look out for Goblynn; She is the scariest person I have ever seen, but she skates and throws 'bows like a champion. Here are some images to entice you.

I also am now the Sunsphere Mascot's #1 fan. I took more video footage of her than anything.

I was never quick enough to catch one of her high kicks, her main move when her players are tearing it up. On her back reads "Sunsphere This." You just can't beat it.


ck said...

You are now Thuggs Bunny in my mind, B.

The Modern Gal said...

B, I think you could totally be Thuggs Bunny.

And why hasn't the world shared Sunsphere Lady with us before? I feel like we've been missing out.

Anonymous said...

Thuggs Bunny is the best name ever. I will go to a roller derby match with you, B.

B said...

August 14. wigshop field trip to the coliseum.