Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blue Circle Hamburgers

I was cleaning out a storage space where I work the other day (you had no idea my job was so glamorous, did you?) and found a little treasure.

I'm not positive but assume that this glass was once affiliated with the closed restaurant pictured below. What ever happened to this restaurant? Was it delicious? Was it called Blue Circle Hamburgers? Someone enlighten me, please.

I've always liked its side entrance located on Wall Avenue, and if it was an afordable place to get a burger, wouldn't it be nice if it re-opened? With all the renovations happening to that building, I keep expecting the sign to be removed, but I think it's funny and hope it stays.

last photo by Tinah Utsman


Chris Eaker said...

I Googled it and found a few articles about it:


The Modern Gal said...

B, I googled Blue Circle Hamburgers, and it appears it was a drive-in chain in the region. There were 30ish restaurants, and all but one in Bristol has closed. The burgers apparently are square like Krystals and not round like a circle. There are some photos out there, but the signs look more like your glass than they do the sign on Wall St.

I've long been curious about the Wall St. sign though. I hope someone knows more about that place.

Chris Eaker said...

That sign off Market Square says "Johnny's Restaurant" if I remember correctly. I don't know anything about it, but I love the wording that remains: "Me. O yes."

B said...
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Patrick Beeson said...

I grew up in Bristol, TN where Blue Circle Hamburgers is located. It's a small Sonic-style drive in operation with burgers very similar to Krystal or White Castle, as a previous commenter mentioned.

The place is pretty legendary in town; it was a popular place to go when I was in school there.

micah daniel said...

I Love that Sign.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

That sign is a treat for me oyes, every time I see it. Yarrr.

B said...

thanks, mg and chris. i think my brain is from another time when google didn't exist...

everytime i see the sign, i read it in spanish: "may o-yays." i love how it rolls off the tongue.

B said...

I just saw this on facebook:!/photo.php?pid=409837&id=100000177773279

He writes under the design plan: "Blue Circle sign will be incorporated in yhe interior design"

So take it in now. It won't be out there much longer, but at least he's keeping it.

Michael Haynes said...

Actually, the sign and restaurant on Wall are from a slightly different iteration of Blue Circle known formally as Wometco Blue Circle. They acquired the chain and changed the logo, adding the arrowhead. Not sure when, but I think it would have been right around 1970 or so.

There were, at one time, several Blue Circles in town. As mentioned, they were similar to Krystal. But also offered a breakfast menu akin to Waffle House.

Anonymous said...

There was a Blue Circle in Fountain City on Broadway, where the old Krogers was. It was a hang out for the kids who went to the old Central High School in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The hamburgers were better than the Krystals', and only cost .10 where Krystals were .11. An order of fries were .10 and a small coke was .05. Its a real shame its gone, there were a lot of memories from there!

Anonymous said...

I'm eating there now in bristol tn. Yummmm!

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