Monday, November 16, 2009

A Wonderful Place

"Thank you!!"

The title is true, but the situation was anything but. On Saturday my dog decided that she would go on an adventure. She sprinted across Western Ave. south on 17th not to be seen for 4 hours.

To me, this would be enough for a post but the real focus is on a great organization we have here in Knoxville, Young-Williams Animal Center. After giving up my foot search I headed out to Young Williams on Sutherland.

First, on the phone, the girl who answered was very sympathetic and kind. Second upon arriving I was directed to fill out a quick form and then taken right around all of the dogs that had been brought in (Which in my state was hard enough on its own.)

They let me know upon arrival that someone had called in with a description of a dog like mine which gave me hope. After the dog tour I called a very nice college student named Quinton who had Bella way up at 14th and bridge ave. But I digress.

Young Williams serves not only as a place to get a great pet (we got ours there), but also as a hub for lost pets for their owners. Their presence is well enough known that it only takes minutes for people to get reconnected with their missing loved ones.

Two important services, helping people find another family member and then helping to keep that family together. It's great that we have an organization like them in Knoxville that is well known enough that even our transient college students know about it.

Finally, this isn't anything more than a thank you post. The people at Young-Williams were helpful, kind, and encouraging. If you need a pet or a place to volunteer some time. Head over to Young-Williams, it's worth it.


Knox Animal said...

I got my dog from Young Williams. It's a great place and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a dog.

Ian said...

Oh, man, I had no idea. Glad you got her back.

Jordi said...

I will totally keep them in mind when the Beau and I decide to get a new puppy!

Glad to hear she was returned safely!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! I'm so glad she's back. Leashed play-time?