Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pubby Buddy

Just wanted to say that Pres Pub is now offering the "Pubby Buddy."

Before you get your shorts in a wad, this isn't some random guy to come shoot the breeze with you during your first 1.5 beverages at your favorite local pub. The Pubby Buddy is a whiskey (or whisky) shot and a PBR for $5! Pint night look out!


Patrick Beeson said...

I suppose the whiskey is to help get the PBR down, right? Ick! :)

max said...

i dunno man. it was "rebel yell" according to the barman. i the pbr was to wash the whiskey down.

ck said...

The tall boy has a little friend!

Though if you sit at the bar long enough in Pres Pub, you will get a "Pubby Buddy" starting an insane conversation with you.