Friday, November 20, 2009

some upcoming fun for market square

If you haven't heard, tomorrow is the last Market Square Farmer's Market of the year. Head downtown tomorrow between 9 and 2 to enjoy some local goodies in one, convenient location for the last time year!

Also tomorrow, Imogen Heap will be playing a sold out show at the Square Room. While the show has been sold out for some time and I'm not sure you'll have any luck scoring last minute tickets, it's really great to see such a superb act come to Knoxville. I bet that even if you can't attend the show, the square will be busier than ever tomorrow night. I'm so pleased that the Square Room continues to work hard to bring us unique acts like Imogen Heap. And good for them...they've got several sold out shows on the books in the next few weeks!

Finally, next Friday we'll see the return of Market Square's ice skating rink! What a fun way to celebrate the holidays!


The Modern Gal said...

I'm really upset about having to miss Imogen Heap because of freaking work.

I am looking forward to ice skating though!

ck said...

Not to mention Jill Andrews (of the everybodyfields) at the Square Room tonight!

Unknown said...

Jill Andrews played as part of a songwriters in the round show at the Square Room earlier this year as well. It was lovely.

max said...

yeah jill andrews. i'll be there for sure.