Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party Recap

Ok so I went to the Knoxville Tea Party. I got there at 5:30 and left around 5:50, so I was not involved as much as I would like but got to see alot and hear a good deal.

What struck me most was the broad range of participants that were at this rally. It wasn't just one group it was lots of different (and seemingly random) people. You had parents with children, bikers, business people, hippie-type students, working class, blogging class, and everyone in between.

What really stood out to me was just the overall sense of enjoyment and ease that everyone there exuded. Everyone I saw was smiling and happy even though the day was a bit chilly. Perhaps it was a common sense of purpose, though each person seemed to have their own.

Some people were protesting "Big Brother", some were protesting high taxes, some wasteful spending, some people just wanted to say they loved the principles the country was founded upon. One lady had a sign (which I posted below) equating Bush and Obama as one and the same, yeah I didn't see that one coming either.

Anyways, it was a really well attended rally by lots of different Knoxvillians and all in the shadow of the Sunsphere, a very worthwhile event, at least in this wigshoppers opinion.

Enjoy the Photos (see if you can pick out my favorite sign)

"The Approach"

"What? It's the Sunsphere."

"Yeah it was packed in there"

"People of all political shades turned out"

"My that sign is witty"

"The ere mentioned sign."


Pianoman said...

I saw sign from the Atlanta Tea party on one of my friend's Facebook that said, "I blew my 'tax cut' on this sign." Very clever.

Wax Sophocletus said...

Hooray! Somebody used the frickin' amphitheatre! I can't imagine that this thing would very quickly pay for the $1 million it's estimated would cost to renovate it.

Wax Sophocletus said...

Excuse me. I can't imagine it WOULDN'T very quicly pay for itself. As in, don't you think it would be money well-spent?

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