Thursday, April 23, 2009

rossini festival: downtown knoxville, etc.

Downtown Knoxville has a LOT going on this weekend. It's going to be a beautiful, fun weekend! You've got Sundown tonight, and you can read all about it below.

Friday night is the Dogwood Mile and Party on the Square. Associated with the ongoing Dogwood arts festival, this mile race begins at Summit Hill and Gay St and quickly races south down Gay and across the Gay Street Bridge. Crossing the Gay St. Bridge is one of my personal favorite runs, and it's actually really fun to race and see how fast you can run a mile. After the race, there's a party on Market Square. There will be food vendors and Brendan James Wright and the Wrongs will be playing. Activities begin at 8:30, but I am sure you would want to arrive early to register if you are going to run. I think there's a "Dogwood Parade" before the run begins. Go here for more info.

Then, Saturday the 25th is one of the most fun events of the spring: The Rossini Festival in Downtown Knoxville! The festival takes place all day long (noon to 9) along Gay Street (beginning at the 400 block and heading South) and in Market Square. There's an Italian Street Festival (read: delicious street food...and beer!), which is a really, really good time. The festival is a mix of opera performances, art and craft exhibitions, wine tasting, street food, and music. It's an odd mixed bag of stuff going on, but it is a LOT of fun. Other than the street fair, the Rossini Festival is featuring Pagliacci at the Tennessee Theatre. There are performances on both Friday and Saturday night. You know was made (more) famous by Seinfeld. Then there's a fully-staged, costumed UT Opera Theatre production of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” (Don Juan)at the Bijou Theatre, running Thursday through Sunday night. The fair is free and the performances are all priced reasonably. Go here for more info.

Remember that the 100 block is closed to traffic and parking, so leave yourself time to find a parking spot (don't take mine!) and plan your route around that block.


The Modern Gal said...

Somehow I always end up being out of town the weekend of Rossini. Rats.

Summer Tannhauser said...

I love this festival. Last year was my first time going, but this year it has been on my calender for months. Looking forwards to the streetfair atmosphere!

Mickey said...

Springtime in Knoxville at the Rossini Festival sounds so good right now. The forecast here in WY is snow the next three days. Yeck. Enjoy it, kiddos.

Unknown said...

(soapbox) We're also holding the first organizational meeting for a Knoxville chapter of the Campaign for Liberty, Saturday at 1 at the Downtown Grill and Brewery. You might be interested if you supported Ron Paul in the election, participated in the Knoxville Tea Party, or are just dissatisfied with the way our government is going. Come on down! (/soapbox)

Wright said...

Rossini Festival is a great time. Weather is supposed to be perfect.