Thursday, April 16, 2009

sundown : cowboy mouth / phil pollard and the band of humans

This week the Sundown in the City concert series has the band Cowboy Mouth, with local Phil Pollard and The Band of Humans opening. As always, the concert is free to all, the beer flows like wine, and women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

Cowboy Mouth (from a few listens) is Rock. Rock via the 90s via Barenaked Ladies via a dash of The Presidents of the United States of America via Southern Fried via simple, catchy songs that occasionally "rock" and will appeal to a 35-and-up crowd. Check out their myspace page and make the call. Personally, I'll be skipping it.

On the other hand, I may stick around to catch the opening act. Phil Pollard and Co. (henceforth known as PPATBOH) seem to be interesting. They're definitely experimental, and Pollard is a percussionist which for me bodes well. One of their songs uses the entire Gettysburg Address as lyrics. I've heard of PPATBOH around town, but never seen them. This is how they describe themselves:

Phil Pollard is a drummer, percussionist, and teacher. He is fond of the classics and believes everyone should know them; but he also knows the importance of living in the moment. Therefore, he combines the written, often classic Literature, with dance and improvised music so that live audiences can live in both worlds at once.
He plays a variety of styles in a host of venues, including bars, theaters, and churches; he does a little radio; he led his Band of Humans in playing a set at Bonnaroo 2006, and he led the Bonnaroompah Band at this past Bonnaroo. Lately, he has been playing a series of solo shows, mostly singing with djembe accompaniment. Look out for the flexitone and ukelele though.
He is a lover, not a fighter.

My advice: Show up early for PPATBOH and then jet to get a good spot at your favorite bar, preferably outside on a patio. It's going to be a beautiful evening.


Anonymous said...

Come on, CK! Don't you remember Jenny Says?! You're as "old" as I am, and that song takes me right back to high school.

I dont want any anonymous or otherwise crucifying me for this, but I have to say that the Sundown lineup is pretty weak this year. I wonder if any of that has to do with the economy...?

B said...

i'm probably skipping all of it to eat bbq with the modern gal. delicious.

ck said...

em: yeah, the only thing that could make that song more classic is if it was on the dumb and dumber soundtrack. this year's sundown lineup is like a timewarp to the 90s. Still not sure if that a good thing.

The Modern Gal said...

Ooh. Barenaked Ladies. That is some music I could get behind.

Yeah, B and I are convening a caucus of gals from Memphis who share the same name and like to eat BBQ. Important things to discuss that outweigh the need to hear 'Jenny Says.'

benjamin said...

PPATBOH are just fantastic. It's sorta like if Abraham Lincoln joined the circus and made everyone wear bicycle helmets so they could bang each other with drumsticks while the guy in the back plays the melody from "Rainy Day Women 12 & 25" on the tuba....

can you see it?

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