Sunday, April 26, 2009

Appropriate or Ignoring Knoxville's Past?

Say goodbye to the JFG facade that has for so long been a defining element of Knoxville's industrial past, and say hello to the look indicative of its new use. 

Overall, I'm fine with the cleaned up look. Considering the number of new windows they've added I think something needed to be done. Note how they're adding grey, blue and white paint to create variety and reinforce a horizontality to an otherwise dull facade. 

What are your thoughts on this updated JFG?


Anonymous said...

As long as they don't take down the ol' light-up sign, I'm cool with it.

Robert said...

I agree, and I'd wager that it will stay up - it's such an important part of how they're branding the building.

max said...

how do we know they're not going to just repaint the JFG after the base is done? from the photo it looks like they're redoing the paint job and as such the JFG goes up last.

Robert said...

ya - again, surely they're doing everything to push the "JFG-ness" of the building, which would hopefully include a redo of the old sign. we'll see

Anonymous said...

I leased one of the apartments. The Dewhirst people told me when the lease was signed that they were leaving up the big sign. I also feel that they will repaint the logo as well, since thats a big part of the buildings appeal.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

as of right now, they are repainting JFG! so hooray for that! I think the painting between the windows adds another dimension and texture, almost 'super graphic-like'!

Anonymous said...

Thus far I think it's a great job. I'm even ok punchin' a few windows in the wall to make the plans work. But I do agree they should keep the roof top sign and truly take care of it and they should take advantage of the 'labeling' and repaint the logo on the side as if the windows didn't exist. I don't know how they will restore that awesome, awesome concrete coat of arms over the main door but I'm sure they'll figure out a way. ...Brian Pittman

Anonymous said...

This building is going to look AMAZING once it's completed. Im jealous of all who are going to live here...

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