Monday, December 20, 2010

lets get (graphically) classy, vols

I don't usually spend too much time thinking about the Vols- I watch their games and wish them well, but I don't fully immerse myself in Volunteer Mania. So it was strange that I was thinking about the image of Big Orange this weekend. What exactly are we? Back in college I mainly saw a big Disney Dog on the sidelines, but there was a real one too (usually with a little orange sweater) which was pretty cool. And every now and then I was a guy in a frontier garb.

Coming from a another part of Applalachia with a similar mascot, I was intrigued. Who was this guy with a musket getting upstaged by Goofy's backwoods cousin? What exactly are we volunteering for?

Learning more about the history of my adopted state, I found out it basically was all about this guy:

And all of of the other cool Tennesseans who went to war (1812, Spanish-American, Civil) back in the day. Even though we didn't start applying it to our sports until 1905.

I remember seeing a cool old logo around campus-

But it was going extinct quickly. UT's strong point has never been graphics (or architecture or campus design either) but it's getting worse:

I mean, unless they officially change us to the "Tennessee Hound Dogs," let's get back to our roots and celebrate the bad ass dudes who gave our state it's nickname. It's time to get back to the real Volunteer symbol... not his hunting dog.

While nothing will probably supplant the ubiquitous

I respectfully submit a new design that embraces our heritage:

Graphic Designers: Have a better idea than that piece of crap above? Enter CK's Unofficial VOLS Logo Contest! Post links in the comments section. It'd be cool to see what we could come up with.


the_rev said...

I'm old enough to remember when the Smoky dog at ballgames was just a big floppy orange dog suit with "VOLS" spelled down the back in white.

I never did like the 'new' smoky dog costume as much as those old orange ones.

B said...

Someone told me once, who went to UT in the 70s, that the orange back then was more subtle, more light yellow-orange. I don't know if that's true, but I wonder why anyone would have chosen the hue or orange that UT uses today. bleh.

I am for a graphic/ subtle color change, but UT, well, I don't understand 90% of UT's decisions.

I love that old Vols logo with Davy on the top, by the way. If the orange was toned down, it would be perfect.

max said...

there is absolutely nothing wrong with that shade of orange :)

max said...

there is absolutely nothing wrong with that shade of orange :)

Karl L Hughes said...

How about something similar to the one we use on
Designed by Chris Ruppelt, a UT student

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