Monday, December 06, 2010

An intimate chat with B

My friend Jamie interviewed me for this post. Thanks, Jamie!

J: You have an event coming up this week. Can you tell us a little about it?

B: Yes, I am co-hosting the first ever Open Studio Night at 17th Street Studios this Thursday night, December 9 from 7-9pm.

J: 17th Street Studios? Please explain.

B: 17th Street Studios is an artist workspace in Fort Sanders. Currently there are ten artists with spaces there. Thursday night, we invite anyone to come check it out.

 17th Studios, under construction

J: That sounds really incredible. How and when did these studios start?

B: I guess it was sometime last year when I was given a tour of an unused floor located at Redeemer Church to see if I had any ideas for it. I immediately thought, "Artist studios," because the idea had been on my mind for a few years prior. The space was also well-suited for it. It was perfect timing, too, since two of my friends who are artists, Carri and Brian Jobe, had recently moved back to Knoxville. I told them my idea, we pitched it to Redeemer, and about six months ago, the three of us moved in.

J: How did you find the other seven artists?

B: By word of mouth. We talked about it to friends, and they told friends. Recently the Arts and Culture Alliance found out about us and have been sending artists to us looking for spaces. We weren't quite sure how it would all work out, but we knew if this was something we really wanted (a community of artists to work alongside in an affordable space), there were other artists out there in Knoxville that wanted the same thing.

J: So what kind of work are people making there?

B: We have painters, sculptors, photographers/ 3-Dimensional workers, drawers, ceramicists, illustrators, filmmakers, and an architect-to-be.

J: So what can we expect Thursday night?

B: Only the best night of your life. Not really, but it might be one of mine. We just want people to come hang out with us and talk about art with us, or not art. There will be snacks and beverages, too.

J: Thanks, B.

B: No, thank you.

Open Studio Night
1642 Highland Avenue
Contact:,,  for more information

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