Thursday, December 23, 2010

Big Ears Update

Hey Yall,
I hope that everyone is having a nice Christmas Eve morning. If you are traveling please stay safe. If you are staying in town, still, be safe. The sad news is that Big Ears 2011 is being postponed. The text released by AC following the rumors that were circulating:

Hello Big Ears fans –

Before too much more time passes, we want to end the suspense. Big Ears 2011 will not be taking place during the first half of 2011.

The reason is simple. While we have many exciting things in the works, they were not quite coming together on the timeline we had hoped. So, rather than force things and fall short of the festival that we’ve imagined for 2011, we’ve decided to push the pause button for a moment.

We’ll be making an announcement with more details early in 2011. We can’t wait to tell you about what’s in store.

In the meantime, we wish you a happy and peaceful Holiday season…and a bright, prosperous, and creative 2011!


The Big Ears Team

While this makes me sad, I just want Big Ears to be the best it can be. I have voiced my love for what Ashley Capps does with Big Ears before, and will continue to do so as details emerge. It is one of the best festivals in the country, and I still hope that (as per the rumors) Laurie Anderson or Nick Cave will be curating. The beautiful stormy spring opening will be missed. One of my favorite moments from last years festival was the Sam Amidon show that opened the festival at the KMA. The giant white balloons bouncing across the green lawn outside while Sam Amidon and Thomas Bartlett serenaded a silent audience was amazing. It was one of the live-show moments I want to live in, and was one of the most aesthetically pleasing moments that I can remember. While all of the blusteriness of spring will be absent from this years festival, I hope that AC Entertainment can book the bands to complement the (hopefully) fall line up. I have one selfish request to the beloved Mr. Capps... please give time to Big Ears, don't sacrifice Big Ears 2011 to work on Moogfest. It is a beautiful festival that has the most interesting lineup of any I know of, and it takes place all over my city. That would be the best Christmas present ever.

hopeful and lovingly yours,



Robert said...

thanks for the update wb. Big Ears is definitely a perfect compliment to springtime excitement.

B said...

Oh man, whenever it is, I can't wait! I can see them wanting to wait to perfect it. It will be hard to top last year's glory.

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